Andrea Avery
Oriole in OctoberNight Swallow (Detail)Finch in SpringOn County MOld Plank RoadQuail in the FieldOld Oak Road-Bluebird on Clove StreetChickadeeTiny BluebirdParrot StudyBlue Jay of WisdomSwallow and LightOrange Finch in BoulderGrosbeak and FoliageFinch With BorderBluebird In Fall
Collaboration Work

This work is part of collaborative series of paintings between two artists that lived in the same small town of Chetek, Wisconsin and shared a love for Nature and Scandinavian style of painting called rosemaling. The artists have known one another since Avery was in elementary school and Vork was a teacher. Each artist has their own style but admired the others talents, so from this a collaborative painting project and long lasting friendship was born. These paintings are mailed back and forth across the state of Wisconsin to their residing cities. Neither artist knows what they are going to get or how they will turn out. There are no rules. They respond to the piece the other person creates ending in an intricate collaboration that celebrates nature and beauty of the people and state they both reside in and love.